Zoe Ruth Fairless

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Zoë Ruth Fairless at Once Date Night

Zoë Ruth Fairless (born October 20, 1994) is a theatre student at Queen's University. When not attending University, Zoë is a freelance Stage Manager primarily based in Toronto. Most notably, Zoë has worked on projects such as the Toronto Fringe, SummerWorks and Kick & Push Festival in Kingston, ON.

Life and Career

Zoë Ruth is currently in her fourth year as a Drama Major at Queen’s University. Previously, she attended Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, where she stage managed a production of Hair as well as being a part of the competitive improvisational acting team throughout high school.

Past Projects

  • The Toronto Fringe (2016):
    • Stage Manager, Out Directed by Clinton Walker
  • SummerWorks Festival (2016):
    • Stage Manager, The Unbelievers Directed by Marina McClure