Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival

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The Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival is an international festival that is produced out of the Gas Station Arts Centre. The Artistic Director is Stephen Sim. The festival is an invitational festival that creates an ensemble of improv players that collaborate on creating new work. Several improv experiments and new formats have been born out of this festival.


The Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival was created in 2000 in Winnipeg. Stephen Sim had just returned from an international festival in Seattle and travelled to Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Chicago. Inspired, he approached the Gas Station Arts Centre about producing a festival.

Past participants

  • David Shepherd (The Compass Players and one of the Fathers of Modern Improvisation)
  • Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall)
  • George Basil & Christian Capozzoli (4Track, NYC)
  • Joe Bill (Annoyance Theatre, IO, Chicago)
  • Mark Little (Picnicface, Halifax/Vancouver/Toronto/LA... Where does he live?)
  • Amber Nash (Dad's Garage, ARCHER, Atlanta, USA)
  • Kevin Gillese, Amy Shostak, Julian Faid, Ian Rowe, Joe Vanderhelm, Kory Mathewson, Chris Connelly, Marc Shulte, Jessie McPhee (Rapid Fire Theare, Edmonton)
  • Alistair Cook (Instant Theatre, Vancouver)
  • Kevin Thomlinson (London, UK)
  • Randy Dixon (Unexpected Productions, Seattle)
  • Mike Fly (General Fools, Regina/Toronto)
  • Julie Dumais (Bad Dog Theatre, Toronto)
  • Mike Grajewski (Toronto)
  • Becky Johnson (The Sufferettes, Toronto)
  • Graham Wagner (Iron Cobra, Toronto)
  • Rene Dellefont, Chris Blair (Dad's Garage, Atlanta)
  • Taz Van Rassle, Ryan Beil, Jason Bryden (Vancouver Theatresports League, Vancouver)

Formats, Experiments and Collaborations

  • Cold Read: The improvised cold read in association with the Manitoba Association of Playwrights.
  • Improvised Words: A collaboration with the Winnipeg Spoken Word Festival.
  • The Bizarro Comedy Show: A collaboration with the Stand-up Comedy scene.
  • Franglais: French and English improv mash-up of miscommunication in collaboration with La Lim.
  • Video Improv Project format inspired by the Neutrino Video Project in NYC.
  • Pinball: A new format based on several scenic painting and character building tools.
  • Switcheroo: A new format based on the idea that everyone has the power to direct the scene.

External Link

Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival website