Theatre SKAM

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Theatre SKAM


Theatre SKAM is a theatre company based in Victoria, B.C.

Theatre SKAM was formed by four emerging artists (Sarah Donald, Karen Turner, Amiel Gladstone, and Matthew Payne)as a means for the creation and production of new work.


Founded in 1995, Theatre SKAM’s mandate is to create a living, contemporary, professional theatre; to provide varied and provocative theatrical entertainment for audiences in Victoria and on tour; and to employ emerging theatre artists.


Known for our sense of fun, SKAM was formed in 1995 with a mission to create theatre that is innovative and entertaining, and above all – never boring.

Vision Statement

Theatre SKAM continues its mission to produce high quality provocative theatre for audiences in Victoria and on tour, working to create dialogue and partnership with like-minded arts practitioners (professional & non-professional), community groups and local experts.

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