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The Beginning of the Masters Stream

The University of Ottawa offers graduate courses in theatre: The Master of Fine Arts (Directing), first accepted in 2004 and The Master of Arts in Theatre, accepted in 2008. The first partial review of the MFA (Masters Of Fine Art) was conducted in 2006 and the second in autumn 2014. The 2014 review covers 8 years of activity from autumn 2006 till autumn 2014.

The existence of two graduate programs, the MA in Theatre (Theory and Dramaturgy) and the MFA in Theatre (Directing), shapes a unique learning environment within Canada’s capital city where the students have the opportunity to study in both French and English. The candidates interact on many levels; students share two seminars, Dramaturgy and Theory of Performance, enabling the students to collaborate on both academic and practical projects.

The Graduate Programs in Theatre promote the exchange between the professional theatre community, faculty and students by offering connections to professional theatre critics, contemporary theatre research and practical apprenticeships. Both of the programs are for 2 years, full-time.

MFA in Theatre (Directing)

In Canada the professional theatre-directing program is the MFA in Theatre (Directing) such as the one at the University of Ottawa. The program looks at the two principal theatre cultures in Canada. The course also makes the students question their sense of aesthetic diversity by exposing them to contrasting approaches to directing.

Masters of Arts in Theatre

This program is 2-year full-time research degree consisting of course, and a dissertation. This degree provides the chance for students to develop their analytical, critical and scholarly skills by spiking interest into doctoral studies. The program encourages the analysis of the Western world’s principal theatrical traditions from various perspectives. Students are too increase their knowledge on Canada’s two principal theatre traditions as well as researching them. The MA (Masters) offers two dissertation options: The traditional MA Monograph Thesis and Medieval and Renaissance Students.

Undergraduate Programs

There are three theatre programs offered to undergraduate students: Honors BA with Specialization in Theatre, Major in Theatre and Minor in Theatre. These three courses of study allow the students to explore a vast range of theatre studies and gives the students a gateway into creative expression. The Department teaches nearly every aspect of theatre there is from acting/directing to arts administration. By providing such a wide variety of course the department lets the students decided on how their degree will be structured. There are many opportunities for the undergraduate students to get involved with practical work as there are two major theatre companies and three student companies working with the department to generate up to thirty original productions a season.

Aims and Hopes of The Department

The Department of Theatre at Ottawa University sets out to combine theoretical knowledge and practical learning.

The aspiration for the department is to create artists who not only have originality but also have the intellectual relationship with the work they produce. This comes from the need for the department to prepare their students for fulfilling careers in the future that could be in the art but are applicable in any workspace. The Globe and Mail website produced an article about Art Graduates are best prepared for the unexpected by Antonia Maioni where the new style of Canadian Universities are discussed especially going into detail that students can pick and choose their course from extremely creative to more of the standard subjects. This results in the students being able to create their own degree that fits with modern day like by combing innovative research and transformative experimental learning; from these way of learning Ottawa University produces well- rounded, imaginative and analytical thinkers. All these aspects consequences in a career prepared graduate. (Please see article in Reference Section)

Studying Theatre at Ottawa University is about being curious and risk taking which exercises the creative muscles. The use of these creative muscles enables the students of to branch out to humanities, the arts and business. On the Department of the Theatre University page is points out that regardless of that career path a student end up taking a comprehensive practical and intellectual training in Theatre will benefit any student. https://arts.uottawa.ca/theatre/en/about

List of Recent Productions (Undergraduate)

Year Title Author Directed by
2008-09 Brecht on Brecht Bertolt Brecht John Koensgen
2008-09 Don't Blame the Bedouins René-Daniel Dubois Kevin Orr
2009-10 Our Country's Good Timberlake Wertenbaker Arthur Milner
2009-10 Mourning Becomes Electra – The Haunting Eugene O’Neill André Perrier
2010-11 Red Noses Peter Barnes Lib Spry
2011-12 The Jew of Malta Christopher Marlowe ibor Egervari
2011-12 Three Sisters Anton Chekhov Peter Froehlich
2012-13 If We Were Birds Erin Shields André Perrier
2012-13 Princess T Daniela Fischerova Translated by Ivana Hélène Ducharme
2014-15 The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Stephen Adly Guirgis Dragana Varagic
2015-16 Love’s Labour’s Lost William Shakespeare Catriona Leger










Name:University of Ottawa Department of Theatre
Location:Ottawa, ON
Category:Post Secondary