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*''Helen Lawrence'' - Associate Director CanStage/Vancouver Arts Club/Banff (2014)
*''Helen Lawrence'' - Associate Director CanStage/Vancouver Arts Club/Banff (2014)
*''The Book of Judith'' - Selfconscious/[[The Theatre Centre]] (2014)
*''The Book of Judith'' - Selfconscious/[[The Theatre Centre]] (2014)
*''Beatrice and Virgil'' - Factory Theatre (2014)
*''Beatrice and Virgil'' - [https://www.factorytheatre.ca/ Factory Theatre] (2014)
*''mothermothermother''  - Selfconscious/Rhubarb!/PushOff/First Thursdays AGO (2013)
*''mothermothermother''  - Selfconscious/Rhubarb!/PushOff/First Thursdays AGO (2013)
*"Pietà" (2012) - Summerworks
*"Pietà" (2012) - Summerworks

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Sarah G. Stanley

Sarah Garton Stanley (born July 10, 1963) is a Canadian Theatre Creator. She is best known for her work as a creator of things, director, dramaturg and teacher.

Life and Career

Sarah is the Associate Artistic Director of English Theatre at Canada's National Arts Centre. Since joining the company she launched The Collaborations: an approach to creation investment that implicates the NAC in several communities and in several ways. She is also the co-creator and artistic director of the SpiderWebShow, a site where performance minds meet. Recently Sarah was Associate Director for Stan Douglas’ Helen Lawrence and was in residence at Theatre Kana in Szczecin, Poland with a new work We Keep Coming Back made with her creative partner Michael Rubenfeld and their company Selfconscious.


Maker of Things

Artistic Direction

Associate of Things

Dramaturgy (Recent)

  • Developing December (2015)
  • January Jam (2014)
  • "Vigilante"(2014)
  • "Colony of Unrequited Dreams"(2014)
  • "Oil and Water" (2013)
  • "AfterImage" (2012)
  • "Fear of Flight" (2010)

Directing (Recent)

  • "Bunny" [1]
  • "The December Man (l'homme de décembre)" NAC English Theatre
  • "We Keep Coming Back" - Co Director Selfconsious Theatre/Toronto/Szczecin/
  • Helen Lawrence - Associate Director CanStage/Vancouver Arts Club/Banff (2014)
  • The Book of Judith - Selfconscious/The Theatre Centre (2014)
  • Beatrice and Virgil - Factory Theatre (2014)
  • mothermothermother - Selfconscious/Rhubarb!/PushOff/First Thursdays AGO (2013)
  • "Pietà" (2012) - Summerworks
  • This Moment Alone (2011) - Theatre Aquarius
  • Michel and Ti-Jean(2010) - Centaur


  • Concordia
  • NTS
  • Humber
  • Queens
  • York
  • McGill


Her productions been nominated or won Dora Mavor Moore and Chalmers Awards (Toronto), Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards (Vancouver), MECCA Awards (Montreal), Robert Merritt Awards (Halifax) and Betty Mitchell Awards (Calgary). Sarah was nominated for the Siminovitch Prize for Directing.

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