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==  On the Map ==
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'''<u><big>Name:Outside the March</big></u>'''<br />
'''<u><big>Name:Outside the March</big></u>'''<br />

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Outside the March (OtM) was founded in 2009 by Co-Artistic Directors Mitchell Cushman and Simon Bloom, along with core Associate Artists Amy Keating, Sebastien Heins and Katherine Cullen. [1]

Outside the March company

Current Season


  • Terminus by Mark O'Rowe (Touring to Centaur Theatre)[2]
  • Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play by Anne Washburn


OtM is dedicated to making theatre an Event, by creating work that is [3]:

  1. Immersive: We offer full theatrical experiences—personal and immediate encounters that endure.
  2. Site-Engaging: We transform found spaces into playgrounds of performance, as well as unearthing new possibilities within traditional theatres.
  3. New: We introduce local and international voices to our audiences—compelling stories that grapple with our here and now.
  4. Wide-Reaching: We are looking to captivate a wide range of individuals, especially audiences who might not normally find themselves in the theatre.
  5. Communal: We forge resonant collaborations between artists of all levels of experience and across disciplines, as well as meaningful partnerships within our community.

Production History

Since 2010, Outside the March has produced 8 full-length productions at a variety of venues, including SummerWorks, a kindergarten classroom, the Royal Alex Theatre, and a residential house in Roncesvalles.[4]

  • Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play (2015) written by Anne Washburn
  • Vitals (2014) written by Rosamund Small
  • Murderers Confess at Christmastime (2015) written by Jason Chinn
  • Passion Play (2013) written by Sarah Ruhl
  • Terminus (2012) written by Mark O'Rowe
  • Mr.Marmalade (2011/12) written by Noah Haidle
  • The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs (2011/12) written by Mike Daisey
  • Oh, the Humanity! (2010) written by Noah Haidle


The Outside the March ensemble is divided into two categories: Core Artistic Team, and Associate Artists.[5]

On the Map

Name:Outside the March
Category:Non-Profit Company