Moving Target Theatre Company

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Moving Target Theatre Company was founded in 2003 by Daniel Thau-Eleff to produce his work, first as an actor and since 2004 as a playwright, often in collaboration with director/dramaturg Chris Gerrard-Pinker.

Since 2004, Moving Target has produced exclusively original work, most of which can be described as "personal/political."

Moving Target's monologues, written and performed by Daniel Thau-Eleff, have toured around Canada and parts of the US.

Moving Target's multi-character plays have been performed in Winnipeg in a variety of venues, on a variety of themes, in a variety of styles: theatre with a moving target.


"Deserter" (in progress) by Daniel Thau-Eleff

Good People Bad Things (2012-present) written and performed by Daniel Thau-Eleff direction and dramaturgy by Chris Gerrard-Pinker with assistance from Arne MacPherson media design by Steven Hunnie Presented by the Prismatic Festival (2014), Impact! Festival (2013), SummerWorks (2013) and in the WInnipeg Fringe (2013).

My Affair With George Bernard (staged reading 2012) written and directed by Daniel Thau-Eleff dramaturgy by Chris Gerrard-Pinker performed by Doreen Brownstone and Ross McMillan Staged reading presented by Manitoba Association of Playwrights

King's Park (2011) by Daniel Thau-Eleff direction and dramaturgy by Chris Gerrard-Pinker set design by Joe Kalturnyk performed by Harry Nelken and Eric Blais

Remember the Night (2010) Remember the Night (2008) Three Ring Circus: Israel, the Palestinians and My Jewish Identity (2004-2006) Counting the Ways by Edward Albee (2004)