Maureen Jennings

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Maureen Jennings is a writer, and is especially well-known for penning the Murdoch Mysteries series.

She was born in Birmingham, England, shortly before WWII broke out.

1956 - Emigrated with my mother to Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

1958 - Attended Assumption University run by the Basilian Fathers. Graduated early thanks to advance credit for my English “A” levels. Acquired a B.A. degree in psychology and philosophy.

1961 - Wandered in the wilderness of career confusion. Taught high school for two years then rushed back to university. This time the University of Toronto where after two years I had an M.A in English literature.

1966 - Taught English at Ryerson Polytechnic Institute.

1972 - Left to pursue a career as a psychotherapist.

1978 - Met Iden Ford who became her husband and chief supporter.

1991 - First play, The Black Ace, produced at Solar Stage.

1997 - First novel, Except The Dying published.

2000 - Shaftesbury Films (Christina Jennings CEO) optioned the William Murdoch series for Television.

2003 - Shaftesbury Films in association with CITY TV and Bravo adapted three Murdoch novels into Movies of the Week, one of which (Under The Dragon’s Tail) gave BRAVO television the highest rated MOW in their history.

2007 - Shaftesbury Films in association with CITY TV/Rogers/UKTV/Granada International began production on the Murdoch Mysteries television series.

2008 - Essentially no longer working as a therapist.

2009 - Began work on a WW2 trilogy of suspense novels entitled The Season Of Darkness Trilogy, comprised of three WW2 crime thrillers set in the Midlands, UK circa 1940.

2011- Maureen developed a story concept with a partner, Debi Drennan, for a tv series set on the home front in Canada, based upon women who worked in a munitions factory during WW2. The idea is purchased by Back Alley Films (Durham County) and developed into a full fledged TV series with Muse Entertainment for Global Television entitled Bomb Girls. The series is the number 1 new drama on Canadian Television when broadcast in January 2012.

2012 - The Murdoch books are published by Titan publishing in the UK and are released to coincide with the broadcast of season 5 of the Murdoch Mysteries on UKTV Alibi.

2013 - The Tom Tyler series is picked up by Titan Books in the UK.

2014 - On the 180th anniversary of the City Of Toronto, Maureen is named by the Toronto Star as one of 180 people who have helped shape the history of the city because of her books and tv series, Murdoch Mysteries.

2014 - No Known Grave, the third book in the WW2 Tom Tyler series, will be published in 2014, Books 4 and 5 in the Tom Tyler series are sold to M & S/Random House as well as Titan Books in the UK and are to be published in 2016 and 2017. (