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{| class="wikitable" style="background-color: Azure; width: 70%;"
{| class="wikitable" style="background-color: Azure; width: 70%;"
! <big>[[Siminovitch Prize]]</big>
! <big>[[Alberta_Theatre_Projects_(ATP)|Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP)]]</big>
<!---[[File:VernThiessen.jpg|300px|thumbnail|right|Vern Thiessen]]---> {{#lst:Siminovitch Prize|featured}}
|  [[File:ATP logo ADJ CMYK BlkTXT-2.jpg|300px|thumbnail|right|ATP Logo]] {{#lst:Alberta_Theatre_Projects_(ATP)|featured}}

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Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP)
ATP Logo

Alberta Theatre Projects (ATP) is a professional contemporary theatre company founded in 1972 and based at the Martha Cohen Theatre in Calgary, Alberta. ATP is led by Artistic Director Vanessa Porteous and Executive Director Vicki Stroich.

Alberta Theatre Projects plays a national leadership role in the development of new Canadian plays year-round through the Enbridge New Canadian Plays series. ATP is committed to fostering the development of young artists and audience members through their Youth Engagement initiatives[1]. The Exchange[2], a series of fun, friendly and lively events around the shows in ATP's season, is where audiences and artists meet and mingle to explore and celebrate the themes of the plays and the art of live theatre.

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