Lakeview Arts Barn

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Lakeview Arts Barn logo.[1]

Situated just outside the picturesque village of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada, the Lakeview Arts Barn (LAB) is a live theatre venue comprising of a black-box theatre with an occupancy of 150, as well as a bar and dining area.

Name:Lakeview Arts Barn
Category:Community Theatre


Lakeview Arts Barn, situated outside Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada.[2]

The LAB boasts a contemporary Arts space in a rustic building steeped in local history. Originally a working cattle barn the building was transformed into a dance hall in 1967. Since then it has always been an important focal point of the local social scene hosting generations of weddings, dances and family gatherings and once boasting the largest hardwood dance floor in all of Ontario. In 2006 the building underwent extensive renovations to transform it into a venue for the Arts. Theatre patrons can choose to dine prior to any of the evening performances in the dining room adjacent to the theatre. The LAB is also maintains an extensive performing arts library. With over 1,000 play titles to choose from, visitors of the LAB are welcome to peruse the plays on offer [3].

Globus Theatre

In 2006, the LAB welcomed Globus Theatre as the company-in-residence. Globus offers a diverse and thoroughly entertaining professional summer season and an eclectic mix of dramas, murder mysteries and comedy nights at other times throughout the year. Globus’ annual Christmas pantomime is a highlight of the holiday season - a collaboration with the local community it offers an opportunity for local talent, both young and old, to perform in a professional theatre setting[5].