Jordan Tannahill

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About Jordan

Jordan Tannahill is an award winning person

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Jordan was the co-founder of the now defunct VideoFag in Toronto. This vibrant space brought a new energy to performance in Kensington Market.

Lead Artist for Suburban Beast, Jordan Tannahill has distinguished himself as one of Canda's greatest young playwrights and artists.

==Plays Written== [1]

  • Botticelli in the Fire (2016)
  • Sunday in Sodom (2016)
  • Concord Floral (2014)
  • Late Company (2013)
  • rihannaboi95 (2013)
  • Peter Fechter: 59 Minutes (2013)
  • Feral Child (2012)
  • Post Eden (2010)
  • Get Yourself Home Skyler James (2010)

Plays Directed

Awards Won

Name:Jordan Tannahill
Location:Ottawa, On

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