Joan MacLeod

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Joan MacLeod (born 1954) is a Vancouver-born Canadian playwright. She is best known for her plays, Amigo's Blue Guitar and The Hope Slide.

Joan MacLeod, Playwright

Life and Career

MacLeod was born and raised in North Vancouver. She studied creative writing at the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia. Later in life she joined the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto as a playwright in residence in the playwrights unit. She worked at the Tarragon Theatre for six years and then returned to Vancouver in 1992 to teach at the University of British Columbia, and the University of Victoria as a creative writing professor. From 2004 to the present she has remained as a professor at the University of Victoria.


  • Jewel (1987)
  • Toronto Mississippi (1987)
  • Amigo's Blue Guitar' (1990)
  • The Hope Slide (1992)
  • Little Sister (1994)
  • 2000 (1996)
  • The Shape of a Girl (2001)
  • Homechild (2006)
  • Another Home Invasion (2009)
  • The Valley (2013)
  • Gracie (2017)



  1. Seal Book First Novel Competition (1980)
  2. Dora Mavor Moore Award for Best New Play for Jewel (1987)
  3. Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding New Play for Amigo's Blue Guitar (1990)
  4. Chalmers' Nomination for Best New Play for Amigo's Blue Guitar (1990)
  5. Jessie Richardson Award for Best New Play for Little Sister (1994)
  6. Governor General's Awards for The Hope Slide and Little Sister (1995)
  7. Leo Film & Television Award Nominee for Outstanding Writing for Edgemont (2003)
  8. Governor General's Awards for Another Home Invasion (2009)


  1. R.H. Petch Memorial Prize for creative writing (UVIC) (1978)
  2. Douglas Bankson Prize for Long Fiction (UBC) (1980)
  3. Dora Mavor Moore Award, Best New Musical for The Secret Garden (1986)
  4. Governor General's Award for English-language drama for Amigo's Blue Guitar (1991)
  5. Floyd S. Chalmers Canadian Play Award for The Hope Slide (1993)
  6. Chalmers' Award Best Canadian Play for Little Sister (1995)
  7. Jessie Richardson Award and the Betty Mitchell Award for The Shape of a Girl (2001)
  8. Jessie Richardson Award for Best New Play for The Shape of a Girl (2002)
  9. Siminovitch Prize in Theatre (2011)



Name:Joan MacLeod
Location:Vancouver, BC