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== Plays ==
== Plays ==
Her plays include ''The Ugly Duchess'', ''Emphysema (a love story)'', ''Circus Fire'', ''Influence'', ''That Elusive Spark'', and an adaptation of ''Pride and Prejudice''.
*''The Ugly Duchess''  
*''Emphysema (a love story)'' UK Title: ''Smoking with Lulu''
*''Be Still''
*''Circus Fire''
*''That Elusive Spark''
*''Pride and Prejudice''
*''I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key''
== Awards ==
== Awards ==

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Janet Munsil is a diminutive, bespectacled playwright, who lives in Victoria, BC.


Munsil is the Artistic Director and Festival Producer of Intrepid Theatre - producers of Uno Fest, the Victoria Fringe Theatre Festival, and Winterlab - where she has worked since 1992.

She is a graduate of the University of Victoria's Phoenix Theatre program.


  • The Ugly Duchess
  • Emphysema (a love story) UK Title: Smoking with Lulu
  • Be Still
  • Circus Fire
  • Influence
  • That Elusive Spark
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key



  • 2013: Calgary Theatre Critics Award for Best Play - Pride and Prejudice


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