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A multi-disciplinary found space arts festival in Edmonton created in 2012 by Elena Belyea. Produced by the Common Ground Arts Society in the last week of June annually.


  • It’s a living, breathing showcase of dance, theatre, visual art, music, film, creative writing and more all in unexpected places. The aim is to produce an event that is affordable, accessible, interactive, and empowering, encouraging artists to contribute to the cultural landscape of Edmonton.
  • Past performances/venues have included a funeral home, residential garage, and a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan. We’ve had live music played off rooftops, movies projected onto buildings, and a play performed— in the middle of June— on a giant pile of snow. Some pieces are designed for as few as 5 people at a time, with others accommodating as many as 200. We are committed to presenting innovative, entertaining, and provocative new works which push the boundaries of audience interaction, allowing both spectators and performers to engage in a more stimulating brand of risk-taking and play.


June 25 - 28

  • Festival Line Up to be announced.[1]


Camp Found June 26 - 29

  • Festival Line-Up
    • Camp Orientation by Elena Belyea
    • The Not So Secret Flashmob by Tatiana Cheladyn
    • Citizen's Gallery: Contemporary Studies in Wallpaper by Morgan Melenka, Tori Morrison and Alyson Davies
    • Pool Party Music Show curated by Common Ground Arts Society
    • The Murals by Shannon Clarke
    • Heartbreak Hotel by Marlee Yule
    • Trace by Ainsley Hillyard
    • Faraday Cage by Morgan Smith (Human Loser Theatre)
    • The Colour of Life by Thomas Barnet
    • Never, Never by Ellen Chorley (Promise Productions)
    • Herbert by Ben Stevens
    • Festival Grounds Stage curated by Common Ground Arts Society


Get Lost Get Found June 27 - 30

  • Festival Line-Up
    • What is a Party by Orchesis
    • Memory Documents by Sarah McKarney
    • The Shake Down by Thou Art Here Theatre
    • Found Text Reading by Common Ground Arts Society
    • White Night by Elena Belyea
    • Urban Wild by Hannah Gelderman and Davis Levine
    • Urban Night featuring Myles Bartel & Kevin Maimann
    • The Kitchen Sink Project by Catch the Keys Productions
    • The Van by Gianna Vacirca and Ben Stevens
    • The Citizen's Gallery by Morgan Melenka, Tori Morrison and Molly Staley
    • Recollect by Michelle Martin
    • Apocalypse Children by Joel Crichton and Vincent Forcier
    • Spinneret Ballons by AM Choreography
    • Ygolohcysp by Ben Gorodetsky, Syd Gross, Colin Matty and Marlee Yule


The Inaugural Year June 29 - July 1'

  • Festival Line-Up
    • Switching the Code by Alyson Dicey, Paula Humby and Sophie Gareau-Brennan
    • Fort Found created by Andrea May Foht
    • A Midsummer's Lucid Dream by Thou Art Here Theatre [2]
    • Found Text Reading Curated by the Common Ground Arts Society
    • Rigor Mortis by Gianna Vacirca
    • Unplugged Picnic Curated by the Common Ground Arts Society
    • Home Video by Heartmeat Productions
    • #PatioYOLOFeaturing Rocktimus Crime

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