Columpa Bobb

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Columpa Bobb has been a theatre artist for 25 years. She has turned a multi-faceted career as a performer, playwright, director and producer into some of the immediate tools needed to start and run the only Aboriginal Theatre company in Manitoba that has produced theatre for and by Indigenous people for the last nine consecutive years.

Columpa is the Artistic Director of The Urban Indigenous Theatre Company (UITC) and works alonside Ryan Black and Tracey Nepinak. UITC's production partnering company has been and continues to be with James Moore of Red Rover Entertainment. Recent company exchange highlights include the 2012 International Theatre and Culture exchange with Marrugeku Theatre, An Aboriginal company from Broome Australia, 2012-13 International theatre exchange with Budhan Theatre, an indigenous company in Ahmedabad India. We are currently in the process of connecting with another Theatre company from Cuba to continue our Indigenous art and culture exchange component. UIT Co. works with Indigenous youth in an empowerment to employment capacity. UIT Co's artistic focus is socially relevant art for and by Indigenous artists.