Arne MacPherson

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Arne MacPherson is a Winnipeg-based director and actor. Saskatchewan-born and Edmonton-bred, he moved to Winnipeg in 1991. Arne was a founding member of Shakespeare in the Ruins, where he directed Head, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing, and Macbeth. As an actor, he has played the roles of Hamlet, Richard III, Mercutio, Malvolio, and many others.

Arne has worked as an actor extensively in Winnipeg: at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (including performing the title role in the world premiere of Shakespeare’s Dog, at RMTC and the National Arts Centre), the Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (Ivanov, Way To Heaven, The Father, Lenin’s Embalmers, November, Sight Unseen), Prairie Theatre Exchange (Unity (1918), Fox, InQuest), and Theatre Projects Manitoba (Encore, Prok)

Arne’s work as a director includes productions for the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (The Threepenny Opera), Theatre Projects Manitoba (Sargent & Victor & Me, Stretching Hide, Noble Savage, Savage Noble, Cruel and Unusual Punishment), Prairie Theatre Exchange (Harvest, Little Munsch on the Prairie, Munsch Ado About Nothing, Munschapalooza), and the Manitoba Theatre for Young People (Romeo and Juliet).

Arne also teaches drama at the Prairie Theatre Exchange School where, among other classes, he has directed the Young Company for seven years.

Arne’s favourite theatrical experiences were Candy From A Baby and Molotov Circus, the shows he did with his partner Debbie Patterson and their kids Gislina and Solmund. Molotov Circus was most recently mounted at Toronto’s SummerWorks festival.

Arne is a curator of Nuna(now), an Iceland-Canada Arts Convergence, now in its fifth year.