100 Watt Productions: Innocent Anarchy

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Outside the March company

Who are we?

We are a theatre company. Kristina Watt leads the anarchy. And we do more than create theatre....read & click on.

What do we do?

  • 100 Watt offers audiences innovative theatre that blends innocence with anarchy.
  • 100 Watt productions embrace the tension that vibrates between innocence & anarchy, while posing universal questions that may resonate with any age. The work is driven by a curiosity about humanity’s relationship with nature and to one another.
  • 100 WATT creates innovative, boundary stretching theatre through collaboration between professional artists and young people.
  • 100 Watt aims for high quality, innovative theatre for All Audiences.

What do we believe?

100 Watt believes in theatre that arises from BIG QUESTIONS posed to artists of any age.

100 Watt believes that young people can approach theatre creation at a high skill level.

100 Watt sees budget restraints as positive impetus to explore and merge new forms that rely on exercising the imaginations of both the artists and audiences.

100 Watt believes in a process of intense and rigorous learning while building a new production.

100 Watt believes that theatre should be an event, an event that actually adds cells to the bodies of audiences.

Available Creations

For production history on the below, please see 100 Watt website.

WILD LIFE, premiered at the Ottawa International Children's Festival, on the 100 Watt Earth Stage

These Enchanted Woods, premiered at the Canadian Museum of Nature

12 Drops and 1 Moon

If They Could Speak...

The Taxon Trials

Connections: Two is Better than One

The Women Come and Go (Ottawa Fringe Festival)

Most Recent Project

PARTICLE, co created with Martha Ross, performed by Kristina Watt, featuring the The AV Guy. Premiered at undercurrents Festival, 2016.

And what else?

Private coaching (voice, movement, acting, audition preparation), workshops/masterclasses, mini courses, and school enrichment programs. Previous workshops include: Three Minute Play Festival (National Arts Centre) guiding children aged 10 and up to Write their Own Piece of Theatre; Environmental Stewardship via the Theatre, Building an Ensemble, and more. Contact Kristina for info., references and bookings.

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Kristina Watt, Artistic Leader


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