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White Rooster Theatre

A not-for-profit company incorporated in 2001 by Ruth Lawrence, Sherry White and Adriana Maggs. Their premiere production was White & Lawrence's The House Wife. It was produced at the LSPU Hall in April 2001. The two served as co-artistic directors until 2013. Ruth Lawrence now serves as AD with Sherry White as Artistic Associate. Besides undertaking one major production a year, WRT was the co-founder and has been a main driver behind the Women's Work Festival (with RCA Theatre and She Said Yes!) since 2007. The company also presents special events. It is based in St. John's, Newfoundland & Labrador.


The company mandate is to produce and promote theatre works by women writers with a focus on Newfoundland artists. It aims to support the work of women in all areas of theatre production.


White Rooster has produced, co-produced, and co-presented plays written by Catherine Banks, Lois Brown, Shannon Bramer, Meghan Greeley, Susan Kent, Sherry White, Jane Maggs, Joan Sullivan, and Ruth Lawrence and has co-produced plays with companies such as HomeFirst Productions (HF), She Said Yes! (SSY), newfoundlandartistx (NAX), RCA Theatre (RCAT), Puddlebones Productions (PP), and East of Reason Productions (ERP).

Actors, directors, and writers who have worked with them include Amy Anthony, Sofia Banzhaf, Marthe Bernard, Shannon Bramer, Lois Brown, Clint Butler, Torquil Colbo, Aiden Flynn, Meghan Greeley, Andy Jones, Susan Kent, Luke Lawrence, Ruth Lawrence, Jane Maggs, Mark O’Brien, Dana Puddicombe, Nicole Rousseau, Berni Stapleton, Joan Sullivan, Christine Taylor, Hugh Thompson, Sara Tilley, Mary Vingoe, Michael Waller, Bridget Wareham, Mark White, and Sherry White. Designers include Nick Bottomley, Paul Cram, Clem Curtis, Robert Gauthier, Shannon Hawes, Peggy Hogan, Sue LePage, Geoff Panting, Sean Panting, Flora Planchat, Ingrid Risk, Jamie Skidmore, Walter Snow, and Phil Winters.

Our co-artistic directors are award-winning, multi-discipline artists. Both Sherry White and Ruth Lawrence are past winners of the NLAC’s Rhonda Payne Theatre Award and Artist of the Year Award. Their theatre and film work is known nationally and internationally.

Production History


The House Wife


The House Wife (NL Tour)


Rose Hoskins: Poet of Trinity by Joan Sullivan


The Ecstatics by Erika Hennebury & Ruth Madoc-Jones


LULU adapted by Sara Tilley (co-pro with SSY!)


City Confidential: St. John's the Rancid by Ruth Lawrence


Nan Loves Jerry by Susan Kent (co-present with RCAT)


Sex, the Rules of by Lois Brown (co-pro with NAX)


Until June by Jane Maggs (co-presentation with RCAT and ERP); MonaRita by Shannon Bramer (co-pro with SSY!)


MonaRita by Shannon Bramer (National Tour)


Kingdom by Meghan Greeley


Kingdom (remount) by Meghan Greeley; Sex, the Rules of by Lois Brown (presented by RCAT)


It Is Solved By Walking by Catherine Banks (co-pro with HF (NS); Stable Home:Life with Two Horses by Ruth Lawrence & Luke Lawrence