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Verb Theatre is a Calgary-based, professional theatre company, with a focus on producing and creating work that engages with the audience in innovative ways. Founded in 2009 by Jamie Dunsdon, Jessica Robertshaw, and Col Cseke, Verb Theatre has become best known for its experimental and personal explorations of contemporary social issues, such as physician assisted dying in The Dandelion Project (2013-present), relationships between the Deaf and hearing in NOISE (2012), end-of-life care and early-onset Alzheimer's Disease in Jim Forgetting (2012), and others.


Tommorow's theatre, today.

Verb Theatre's our mission is to provide for their audiences theatrical experiences that explore cutting edge ideas in cutting edge ways. We look to explore conversations and theatrical forms that will be important to our audiences tomorrow with our surprising, important, and innovative performance. [1]

Current Staff

  • Jamie Dunsdon, Co-Artistic Director
  • Col Cseke, Co-Artistic Director

Current Season


  • The Fight or Flight Response by Col Cseke


Verb Theatre Society was incorporated in May, 2009 under founding Artistic Director Jamie Dunsdon and founding Artistic Associates Jessica Robertshaw and Col Cseke. Cseke joined Dunsdon as Co-Artistic Director in August 2010, and Artistic Associate Jessica Robertshaw remains on the society Board of Directors. Verb Theatre Society became a registered charity in 2013.

Past Productions

Robert Morrison in NOISE (2012). Design by T. Erin Gruber.


  • Lungs by Duncan MacMillan
  • Mike, Karen / Karen, Mike improvised by Mike Keir and Karen Johnson Diamond


  • The Dandelion Project by Col Cseke
  • Of Fighting Age by David van Belle, Christopher Duthie, and Col Cseke


  • NOISE conceived by Jamie Dunsdon
  • The Dandelion Project by Col Cseke


  • Jim Forgetting by Col Cseke
  • Marg Szkaluba (Pissy's Wife) by Ron Chambers
  • A Thousand and One Calgarian Nights by Col Cseke


  • Pretty, Witty, & Gay
  • The Opposite of Dismal
  • John and Beatrice by Carole Fréchette
  • Marg Szkaluba (Pissy's Wife) by Ron Chambers


  • Bubble Boy: Slide Show by Col Cseke
  • Oedipus Evolving
  • The Shape of a Girl by Joan Macleod