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The Urban Indigenous Theatre Company (UITC) is a collection of Senior Established Artists and Emerging Indigenous Youth Artists dedicated to the empowerment and engagement of our Indigenous community locally, nationally and internationally.

Leadership: Artistic Director Columpa Bob General Manager Ryan Black Programs Manager Tracey Nepinak Executive Advisor Lee Miracle

Philosophy Sharing stories has always been a way for Indigenous people to commune with spirits, minds and hearts in a manner that encourages others to listen and transform. Our core philosophy of Empowerment through the Arts is kind and gentle way to speak to our personal truths and express them in a collaborative and healing environment. By sharing stories we can let go of the past and re-dream our future.

Vision “A Call to Arts: A Beautiful Rebellion” UITC is a global centre for Empowerment through the Arts, facilitating collaboration with Indigenous Artists locally, nationally and internationally to share their artistic practice with youth and community in accordance with the world views of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.

Mission The mission of the Urban Indigenous Theatre Company is to develop as a professional performing arts organization while supporting the education, empowerment and employment of Indigenous peoples, particularly youth, allowing them to take their place in society and on the world stage.

Mandate UITC will: 1.Run an annual season of Indigenous content for viewing by the general public. 2.Operate as an Artist run organization in accordance with the laws of Manitoba and of Canada, whose every aspect is driven by the philosophic seed of Empowerment Through the Arts. 3.Facilitate Aboriginal Youth engagement in the process of empowerment and reclamation of self through Art. 4.Use Performing and Media Arts to explore and debunk negative stereotypes 5. Function as a learning / working organization that promotes and engages Established Artists in exposing youth to the professional industry 6.Utilize a graduated curriculum that leads to youth developing professional works that have been workshopped and produced by the company. 7.Ensure all youth have input into each seasons youth production both creatively and technically 8.Ensure youth contribution to curriculum goals and objectives for training activities 9.Document and record our youth artists progress and network with alumni 10.Maintain statistics, keep proper records and administer the company in accordance with funding body and stakeholder requirements 11.Champion Indigenous expression of our ancient cultures in contemporary & historical storytelling forms 12.Abide by the laws of our ancestral past

Goals 1.To embrace, develop and celebrate the innovative and unique voices of today using the wisdom of our collective past 2.Create a network of professional artists who work with UITC 3.Champion the development and establishment of an Aboriginal Arts dedicated facility in Winnipeg 4.Produce an international festival of Aboriginal Arts in Winnipeg 5.Create art with youth which is relevant, empowering and educational 6.Produce independent works by professional artists 7.Produce a minimum of one youth production annually 8.Promote advanced training for our youth at prestigious institutions in Canada 9.Document Empowerment through the Arts theory and praxis in developing an instruction manual for distribution to partners across the globe 10.Promote and document innovative production techniques 11.Engage the Indigenous Community in leading our selves and our youth to a brighter future