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The Theatre Program in the Department of English, Film, and Theatre is focused yet multi-faceted, offering both creative and intellectual opportunities. An intensive, hands-on experience in every aspect of play creation is a hallmark of University of Manitoba Theatre. The interrelationship between the academic program and the Black Hole Theatre Company provides students with excellent balance in the creation and interpretation of theatre. We provide instruction in theoretical approaches and critical and practical methods. Film and Theatre courses offer options for studying performance, production, and interpretation.

Degree and Course Options

  • General Theatre Major - 30 credit hours (THTR 1220, THTR 2160, THTR 2470 plus 14 additional credit hours)
  • Advanced Theatre Major - 54 credit hours: • THTR 2160; THTR 2470 and ENGL 2960 plus 6 credit hours from THTR 2150, THTR 2170, THTR 2180, THTR 2490
    • 12 credit hours from THTR 2480, THTR 2600, THTR 2610, THTR 3460, THTR 3470, THTR 3610,THTR 3620, THTR 3630, THTR 3640
    • 12 additional credit hours from Theatre courses specified above and/or from List A
  • Theatre Minor - 18 credit hours (THTR 1220 and 12 credit hours in theatre courses)

Professional Opportunities

Although it is not a professional acting program in the style of the National Theatre School, the program provides excellent preparation for professional training. It also offers a particular focus on new play development and directing. Many University of Manitoba Theatre graduates have gone on to pursue professional careers in theatre, opera, and film, with or without further study. Many students pursue graduate studies or have taken the skills developed in English, Film, and Theatre studies, research, critical judgment, creative judgment and practice, effective writing, public speaking, leadership, analytic reading, listening and viewing and applied them in making an impact in careers as diverse as education, advertising, the media, law, business, politics, psychology, fine art and design.

PTE Affiliation

A unique affiliation with Prairie Theatre Exchange as an accredited teaching institute allows students to take practical courses taught by theatre professionals at PTE for credit. Students in all streams in the Department of English, Film, and Theatre have access to the Media Lab, which provides students with a high-end platform to compose multimedia projects.

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