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The Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble brings Native women's stories to the stage.

Mandate and History

The Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble was founded in 1999 to bring Native women’s stories to the stage. Founding members Jani Lauzon, Monique Mojica, and Michelle St. John and later members Cheri Maracle and Falen Johnson jointly authored and performed a body of work that was presented at theatres, conferences, festivals, high schools, and in academic settings.[1]

Critical Response

The impact of Turtle Gals Performance Ensemble is reflected in academic references to their work:

  • Native American Performance and Representation (Edited by S. E. Wilmer)[2]
  • Our Faithfulness to the Past: The Ethics and Politics of Memory (Sue Campbell, Edited by Christine M. Koggel, and Rockney Jacobsen)[3]
  • Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory: Essays in Honour of Barbara Godard (Edited by Eva C. Karpinski, Jennifer Henderson, Ian Sowton, and Ray Ellenwood)[4]
  • Negotiating Tensions betwixt Presence and Absence amidst a Big Sadness: Cultural Reclamation, Reinvention, and Costume Design (by Jill Carter and Erika A. Iserhoff)[5]
  • Medicine Shows: Indigenous Performance Culture by Yvette Nolan[6]



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