Tough Guy Mountain

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Tough Guy Mountain is a hybrid theatre company and new media artist collective currently producing and developing work in Toronto, Ontario. The group is led by co-artistic directors Iain Soder and Jonathan Carroll.

Description of work

Tough Guy Mountain mimics formal elements of capitalist culture, particularly branding. They use corporate pop-ups, powerpoint presentations, office design, organizational software tools, advertising as well as traditional theatre and art forms such as staged performance, singing, dancing, 20th century theatre techniques and art gallery installation. Tough Guy Mountain defines its work as non-experimental or post-experimental.


The members of Tough Guy Mountain play fictional versions of themselves as executives and interns. Their fiction is about a corporation (TGM Enterprises) in a dimension called "The Brandscape" where they explore and discover new brands and sell them to other corporations across the multidimensional universe.

Current Theatre/Performance Projects

  • "Astroman! the musical." Written by Rory Maclellan and Iain Soder
  • "iDialogues" Written by Jonathan Carroll and Iain Soder
  • "execMail" Written by Iain Soder

Past Theatre Specific Projects

  • "E-Go" written by Jonathan Carroll and Iain Soder
  • "TGM Talks" written by Tough Guy Mountain, performed at OCAD U Student Gallery and Whippersnapper Gallery
  • "Oscar Wilde's Friends" written by Rory Maclellan, directed by Iain Soder, performed at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre as part of the Cale Weird Show
  • "Futurist Christ Superstar" developed and performed by Jonathan Carroll, Iain Soder and Chloe Sullivan
  • "Futurist Soiree" curated and directed by Iain Soder, performed at NSCAD University
  • "Ubu Enchained" written by Alfred Jarry, directed by Iain Soder, produced by The King's Theatrical Society
  • "Man of La Mancha" written by Dale Wasserman, Mitch Leigh and Joe Darion, directed by Iain Soder, produced by The King's Theatrical Society


Past and present members include: Anastassia Antiptchouk, Cat Bluemke, Jonathan Carroll, Inez Genereux, William James Kasurak, Allan Lavell, Rory Maclellan, Sam Roberts, Iain Soder, Chloe Sullivan, Chris Walker, Cale Weir, Carmen Winther