Timms Centre for the Arts

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The Timms Centre for the Arts is a theatre complex in Edmonton, Alberta, owned and operated by the University of Alberta. Completed in 1995, it was designed specifically as a space for teaching and learning of the dramatic arts. The site and name was originally slated to be a building for University Collections.


Main Stage

The Main stage has 289 fixed seats with 32 additional seats available by lowering the pit to audience level. The Main stage is a fly house, with two motorized linesets, the remainder being single-purchase arbour-weighted.

Second Playing Space

The Second Playing Space is a black box theatre, with a fixed grid.

Scenic & Paint Shop

The Timms Centre has a fully equipped scenic shop, and acoustically separated paint shop, allowing construction to continue even while performances or rehearsals are in progress on the main stage.

Props & Wardrobe

The Timms Centre has full props and wardrobe facilities, with extensive storage areas for the University's extensive prop and wardrobe collections, both of which are open for rental to the public.