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Theatre Projects Manitoba (TPM) is a Winnipeg company, founded in 1990 by playwright Harry Rintoul as a response to the need for a strong local professional company to provide opportunities for Manitoban artists and to put local stories on the stage. Over the past 25 years, TPM has produced more than 50 new Manitoba works, as well as bringing home some of the most exciting new work from across the country.

Current Season (2014/15) [1]



  • To develop and produce new Manitoba plays and playwrights
  • To promote the talents and skills of Manitoba theatre professionals by providing an independent stage for the development of emerging and experienced writers, actors, directors, technicians and crafts people
  • To encourage the development of new skills and new directions by Manitoba theatre professionals
  • To provide a theatrical experience different from that offered by larger, less intimate spaces and more commercially oriented companies
  • To bring Manitobans dynamic work from around the country, while placing a priority on the production of plays that reflect this region’s people, their history both social and political and our cultural fabric in an exciting and challenging theatrical way.
  • To seek out partnerships whenever possible in order to provide the best options for playwrights

Production History[3]

  • 2005/2006
    • In The Chamber 2006 by Mike Bell, Tricia Cooper & Christopher Read
    • The Confessions of Punch and Judy by Tannis Kowalchuk, Ker Wells & Raymond Bobgan
    • Coo coosh by Doug Nepinak
  • 2004/2005
    • God’s Country by Devin McCracken
    • Between Then and Now by Harry Rintoul
  • 2001/2002
    • Hot Shorts by Carolyn Gray, Leigh-Anne Kehler, Marsha Knight & Alison MacLean
    • PROK by Brian Drader
  • 2000/2001
    • Twisted Shorts by Sharon Bajer, Ken Brand, Brian Drader & Jaik Josephson
    • Cruel and Unusual Punishment by James Durham
  • 1999/2000
    • L-Love’s Body by Dale Lakevold & Ordinary Days by Bruce McManus
  • 1998/1999
    • I Do…Do You by Dennis Trochim
    • The Last Man and Woman on Earth by Rick Chafe
  • 1997/1998
    • Never, Never Mind, Kurt Kurt Cobain by Dale Lakevold
    • Short Shots ‘98 by Laurie Block, Angus Khom, Margaret Pople, Ian Ross
  • 1996/1997
    • The Tomato King by Laurie Block
    • Short Shots (with MAP) by Erin Bowie, Gary Jarvis, deco dawson, James Kostouchuk, Rick McNair, Deborah O'Neal, Ellen Peterson
  • 1995/1996
    • Jack of Hearts by Harry Rintoul
    • The Harrowing (with Adhere and Deny) by Scott Douglas
    • Short Shots (with MAP) by Margaret Sweatman, Duncan Thornton, Ian Ross, Harry Rintoul, Leanne Foley, Donna Lewis, Dennis Troachim, Muriel Hogue, Laurie Lam, Ross McMillan, Rick Chafe, Elise Moore
  • 1994/1995
    • The Fruit Machine by Brian Drader & Sophie and the Wiener Man by Carolyn Gray
    • The Real World? by Michel Tremblay
  • 1993/1994
    • Etienne by Steve McIntyre
    • Live With It by Elise Moore
    • My Old Man by James Durham
  • 1992/1993
    • Studio Series ’92: See Bob Run by Daniel MacIvor & Jesus Does Laundry Too by Sharon Bajer
    • Ce Weekend La by Rick Skene
    • Brave Hearts by Harry Rintoul
  • 1991/1992
    • The Best of Cockroach by Alan Williams
    • Studio Series: Job’s Wife by Yvette Nolan & Jewel by Joan MacLeod
    • The Resurrection of Joseph Frum by Vern Thiessen
    • To Kill the Weatherman by Michael Nathanson
  • 1990/1991
    • Studio Series: Why the Dishes Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow by David Demchuk & Tickle Trunk by Ellen Peterson
    • Albertine in Five Times by Michel Tremblay

Name:Theatre Projects Manitoba
Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba
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