Theatre Incarnate

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Theatre Incarnate is a performing arts company dedicated to furthering the theatrical development of its ensemble. These means are to be achieved, in workshops, rehearsals and performance, by creating a forum to explore aspects of acting, writing, direction, and design; and through its work with guest artists, partner organizations and the community. Originally founded in 1996, the company operates under the artistic leadership of Eric Bossé, Brenda McLean and Christopher Sobczak. Theatre Incarnate is a Winnipeg-based non-profit association.

Theatre Incarnate are housed in Studio 320.


Our ideology is to focus on the physical performer as the essential tool for theatrical storytelling. We believe that, at its essence, the performer is the incarnation of live theatre. Without the performer the theatrical engagement with the audience fails to exist. It is the performer that is the key building block in constructing a shared theatrical experience with our audience; embodying our core motto, “Belief of Imagination”. What excites us most about staging theatre is the ability to use performers as physical metaphors to express the themes of a play.

In our artistic pursuits we believe that risk in a creative process stems from following through challenging creative choices with a firm adherence to exacting artistic habits; the selection of an enduring text, and a strong unity of visual design with the directorial concept. These key elements are integrated with the imaginative commitment of the performer, through rehearsal and performance to be distinctly innovative and engaging in our theatre.

Within Theatre Incarnate, we strive to foster fresh artistic opportunities by utilizing the collective resources of our creative abilities.

Production History

Stop Kiss by Diana Son

Pounding Nails In The Floor With My Forehead by Eric Bogosian

Out At Sea by Slawmir Mrozek

Orphans by Lyle Kessler

Jack and Jill by Jane Martin

The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines

Fool For Love by Sam Shepard

The Hairy Ape by Eugene O'Neill (2006)

Men Seldon Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses by Dorothy Parker (2006)

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard (2007)

Boston Marriage by David Mamet (2008)

Guernica (2008)

Verge-In by Brenda McLean (2008)

Far Away and Not Not Not Enough Oxygen by Caryl Churchill (2010)

Dionysus Is Getting Impatient by Brenda McLean, Claire Therese and [Kendra Jones] (2011)

Master Orloff and Madame Clodille by Theatre Incarnate (2011)