The Winnipegger Ensemble

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The Winnipegger Ensemble was created by a group of Winnipeg theatre artists to workshop and create original plays and adaptations using non traditional methods of rehearsal and staging. The original members of the Ensemble were Graham Ashmore, Sharon Bajer and Carolyn Gray. They have created three shows, an object puppet adaptation of Brecht's short play The Wedding, an object puppet show for The Winnipeg International Children's Festival called The Apartment and an adaptation of Dostoyevsky's The White Nights called To the Country.

The Wedding


The Wedding adapted by Sharon Bajer and Carolyn Gray. It was inspired while Bejar and Gray were in Europe following the Brecht Trail in Berlin. The Wedding was an object puppet show presented at the 2002 Winnipeg Fringe Festival; Bajer, Gray, and Graham Ashmore were the puppeteers it was performed at Borealis Books.

The play brings audiences to Maria and Jacob’s hellish wedding reception attended by their parents and a few friends. As wine is consumed the stories get filthier, the songs cruder, the desires hotter, and the furniture more smashed.

The Apartment

Apartment 012.jpg

The Apartment was an original play written by Bajer and Gray for The Winnipeg International Children’s Festival on June 5th, 2003. An object puppet show about a Watering Can boy dreaming to touch the moon, the friends that help him, and the home he must save. The puppeteers were Bajer and Gray themselves.

To The Country

To the country poster color 2b.jpg

The White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky inspired To The Country. Bajer adapted the text then co-directed with Carson Nattrass. The production team was: Set Design by Carolyn Gray, Costumes by Meg McMillan, and Multimedia by Deco Dawson. The cast was Ross McMillan, Daria Putteart, Graham Ashmore, Simon Miron, and Monique Marcker. It was presented September 10th through 19th, 2009 at Gas Station Theatre.

A Theatrical dream of artists telling the story of one man’s search for love in the hustle and bustle of Winnipeg at the turn of the last century.


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