The PTE Playwright's Unit

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Founded by Prairie Theatre Exchange's Artistic Director Robert Metcalfe in 2007, the PTE Playwright's Unit is a group of new and established Winnipeg based playwrights. Prairie Theatre Exchange provides the members of the Unit with their own writing space, workshop lounge and library. The Unit gets together regularly to read each other's work, provide dramaturgy and feedback in a creative and supportive environment. The current members of the PTE Playwright's Unit are Joseph Aragon, Sharon Bajer, Rick Chafe, Ginny Collins, Tricia Cooper, James Durham, Debbie Patterson, Ellen Peterson, Marc Prescott and Alix Sobler.

Since the Unit began, PTE has issued commissions to many of the works-in-progress. They produced Burnin' Love by Sharon Bajer in 2011, The Secret Mask by Rick Chafe in 2012, The Brink by Ellen Peterson in 2013, and Social Studies by Tricia Cooper in 2014. The Unit also assists with the Carol Shields Festival of New Work every year in May.