The Living Room Playhouse

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The Living Room Playhouse: Azimuth Theatre's intimate performance space.


The Living Room Playhouse is a small theatre space located in the old warehouse district north of downtown Edmonton. It was the main rehearsal space and stage for many of Azimuth Theatre's productions. It also served as a cheap space for many other Edmonton producers and artists. [1]


In early 2000, Azimuth Theatre was forced to vacate from their office on Jasper Avenue due to a fire from another tenants' space. The company moved to 11315 106 Ave, where their space offered a front office and a large concrete workroom in the back which was used as an occasional rehearsal space. In 2001, General Manager Andy Laskwisky and Artistic Director Chris Craddock converted the small concrete work room into an intimate theatre, which later became known as The Living Room Playhouse.

After the space had been built it had been regularly used every year by Nextfest as a second performance venue for theatre programs, high school production, dance, and new music compositions. It had also been used for numerous fundraisers, concerts, workshops and rehearsals. It featured work from places such as Winnipeg, Austria, Vancouver, New York, Toronto, and many of these works went on from The Living Room Playhouse to travel the globe.[2]

On June 30, 2014, Azimuth Theatre left the building, marking the end of The Living Room Playhouse.

Original Productions

The Living Room Playhouse had been the primary rehearsal and performance space for many of Azimuth Theatre's original productions. [3]

  • 2005 Faithless by Steve Pirot and Chris Craddock
  • 2004 3…2…1 by Chris Craddock and Nathan Cuckow
  • 2003 Boy Groove by Chris Craddock, songs and lyrics by Aaron Macri
  • 2003 Metis Mutt by Sheldon Elter
  • 2002 Porn Star by Chris Craddock

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