The Blood Projects

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the blood projects is a Toronto-based, artist driven production company that is run by Sarah Jurgens and Sasha Singer-Wilson.


  • Immersive: We create brazen and immersive performances.
  • Site-specific: We animate unconventional found spaces and re-imagine conventional theatre spaces.
  • Artists: We unite emerging and established artists.
  • Environment: We are committed to managing the company and production of our work with ecological awareness and integrity.

Production History

Since 2012 the blood projects has created three full-length productions.


Core Artistic Team


  • Paul Lampert
  • Niki Landau
  • Melee Hutton
  • Karen Glave
  • Jamie Maczko
  • Mark Wilson
  • Sasha Maslow
  • Erin Kehoe
  • Julia Pileggi
  • Aris Athanasopoulos
  • George Quan
  • Nadeem Umar Khitab
  • Cat Montgomery
  • Mark Paci
  • John Gordon
  • Krista Minnell