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Sulong Theatre is a Toronto-based company that produces theatre by and about women of colour.


"Sulong" means "battle cry" in Filipino. Sulong Theatre’s battle cry is in the form of multidisciplinary experiences that shout, wail and scream on behalf of brown women everywhere. Sulong is mandated to produce theatre that is by and about women of colour, prioritizing equal treatment, fair pay, and rehearsal and performance structure that is respectful to children and their caregivers.

Company History

Sulong Theatre was founded in 2009 by Catherine Hernandez.

Production History

  • The Femme Playlist by Catherine Hernandez[1]
  • Kilt Pins by Catherine Hernandez
  • Eating With Lola by Catherine Hernandez
  • Future Folk by Sulong Collective

External Links


  1. Sulong Theatre Production History