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The Such Stuff Players were formed in 2008 in Winnipeg, Manitoba to give a group of children and youth the opportunity to stage a full-fledged Shakespearean production. Since then they have staged a number of shortened, original text, Shakespearean plays, from the ridiculous comedies A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Comedy of Errors, and Twelfth Night to some of the Bard’s more serious works, The Tempest and Henry V.

The actors of Such Stuff Players range in age from 3-18 years. Working independently and under the guidance of mentors, they are also learning to contribute to all aspects of a professional production, including costume design, set design, fight choreography, stage management, and advertising.

The cast has used the skills gained over the years to not only improve each successive show, but to branch out into the greater Winnipeg theatre community. Various cast members, both past and present, are founding members of the theatre companies Knavish Hedgehog Productions and Fretful Porpentine Productions. As well, many of the performers have earned parts with MTC, MTYP, Manitoba Opera, and local independent films, in addition to pursuing their own artistic creations in indie film, dance, and music.

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