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Instructions to create a PerformanceWiki page and have it link to the map:

1. Go to the PerformanceWiki Main Page. Create an account if you do not already have one.

2. In the “Search box”, type in the name of the artist or company you want to write about. This will check the Wiki to see if a page has already been created for them.

3. If a page does not exist, you will be given an option to create the page about the artist or company you searched for. To create the page click on the title or name of the artist or company that is in quotation marks. It will take you to the new page where you can create the page.

4. Click on the “Generate Map Template” link under Tools in the left-hand sidebar. A new page open that contains the form you need to complete in order to make your page connect to the map. Simply follow the steps on the page!

5. Paste the text from the form into your Wiki page. It can be either at the top of the bottom of the page.

6. Using the style guide provided (and following the helpful YouTube videos you can find here) , create the rest of the content for your Wiki page.

7. Click publish! **You MAY need to answer a question to confirm that you want to page and press publish again. Don’t forget part or your page will not get published!!**

8. Go to the Main Page or the SpiderWebMap page to see your point on the map! If you click on the name, it will take you to the Wiki page that you just created! **Note that points are approved manually, so it may not show up instantly. Check back later if it does not appear right away.