Small Matters Productions

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Small Matters Productions is an Edmonton-based theatre company dedicated to creating and performing original works of modern clown theatre for adult audiences.


Small Matters Productions was founded in 2007 by Christine Lesiak and Anna Bado, fueled by their passion to create modern clown theatre for adult audiences. They were soon joined by Adam Keefe, and premiered their first full-length clown show featuring red-nosed clowns Rocket & Sheshells – Why Do Fools Fall in Love? – at the 2008 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival. In 2009, we welcomed clown-master Jan Henderson as resident director. Two more Rocket & Sheshells shows followed – Sofa So Good (2010) and Fools for Love (2012). In 2013, SMP premiered Ask Aggie – The Advice Diva, their first solo performer show. Throughout this time they created and performed countless short works, most notably The Heavy Sleeper (2012), and Wrap Race (2013). Small Matters has performed their award-winning full-length shows throughout Canada, at the Toronto Festival of Clowns, and the New York International Clown Theater Festival. They have performed their original short works in too many events to count, including: Edmonton’s Expanse Movement Arts Festival, NextFest, the Fool’s Gold Cabaret series, Glitterball (Luna Dance Fusion), Toronto’s Lunacy Cabaret, Shelley Marshall’s Full Bawdy Comedy Show, the Dr. Caligari Cabarets in Winnipeg & Vancouver, and Vancouver’s In Jest Festival.

Artistic Ensemble

  • Jan Henderson – Co-Artistic Director
  • Christine Lesiak – Co-Artistic Director
  • Adam Keefe – Artistic Associate
  • Anna Bado – Artistic Associate

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