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SkirtsAfire is a multi-disciplinary Arts Festival in Edmonton, Alberta featuring the work of women in theatre, dance, comedy, visual arts, design, and music. Founded in 2013, the Festival takes place in conjunction with International Women’s Day in Early March.


The mandate of SkirtsAfire is to [1]:

  • Create a platform for Canadian women’s stories and the female voice.
  • Create a Festival that presents these stories to a wide, diverse audience while empowering, celebrating, developing, supporting and showcasing women in theatre and other art forms.
  • Present high calibre, thought provoking, moving, professional artistic performances and exhibitions in the Festival and make them accessible to audiences of all income levels
  • Bring large audiences and artists together in performance and exhibited work
  • Provide opportunities for women to direct, write, design, dramaturge, choreograph, create visual art and take on other performance and art forms. Preference is given to female artists but not exclusively.
  • Help revitalize the Alberta Avenue community in Edmonton

Production History

2015 Festival - "Feel the Heat" : March 508, 2015[2]

2014 Festival - "Fanning the Flames" [3] March 6-9, 2014

2013 Festival - "Ignite the Spark" [4] March 7-10, 2013

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