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The Siminovitch Prize shines a spotlight on excellence and innovation in Canadian Theatre with an annual prize worth $100,000.

Over a three-year cycle, the prize celebrates a professional director, playwright or designer, an acknowledged leader in the theatre whose work is transformative and influential. The Siminovitch Prize also encourages and supports emerging talent with a protégé prize awarded to a theatre artist chosen by the recipient.

The prize was launched in 2000 to honour the values and achievements of the renowned scientist Lou Siminovitch and his late wife Elinore Siminovitch, a pioneering playwright.

Winners and Finalists

Year Winner Finalists
2001 (director) Daniel Brooks
2002 (playwright) Carole Fréchette
2003 (designer) Louise Campeau
2004 (director) Jillian Keiley
  • Lois Brown[1]
  • Martin Faucher
  • Eric Jean
  • Jillian Keiley
  • Alisa Palmer
2005 (playwright) John Mighton
  • Daniel MacIvor, Toronto, ON (Marion Bridge)[2]
  • Joan MacLeod, Victoria, BC (The Shape of a Girl)
  • John Mighton, Toronto, ON (Half Life)
  • Daniel David Moses, Kingston, ON (The Moon and Dead Indians)
  • Wajdi Mouawad, Montreal, QC (Incendies)
  • Djanet Sears, Toronto, ON (The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God)
  • Vern Thiessen, Edmonton, AB (Einstein's Gift)
2006 (designer) Dany Lyne
  • Bretta Gerecke, Edmonton, AB, Set & Lighting Designer[3]
  • Judith Bowden, Niagara on the Lake, ON, Set & Costume Designer
  • Dany Lyne, Toronto, ON, Set & Costume Designer
  • Anick LaBissonnière, Montreal, QC, Set Designer
  • Danièle Lévesque, Montreal, QC, Set Designer
2007 (director) Brigitte Haentjens
  • Ron Jenkins, Edmonton, AB[4]
  • Alisa Palmer, Toronto, ON
  • Soheil Parsa, Toronto, ON
  • Brigitte Haentjens, Montreal, QC
2008 (playwright) Daniel MacIvor
  • Daniel Maclvor, Toronto, ON (A Beautiful View)[5]
  • Morwyn Brebner, Toronto, ON (The Optimists)
  • Colleen Murphy, Toronto, ON (The December Man)
  • Larry Tremblay, Montreal, QC (Abraham Lincoln va au théâtre)
  • Daniel Danis, St-David de Falardeau, QC (Le Langue-à-Langue des chiens de roche)
2009 (designer) Ronnie Burkett
  • Jean Bard, Montreal, Quebec[6]
  • Ronnie Burkett, Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario
  • Bretta Gerecke, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Anick Labissonnière, Montreal, Quebec
  • Richard Lacroix, Montreal, Quebec
  • Ken MacDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario
2010 (director) Kim Collier
  • Kim Collier, Vancouver, British Columbia[7]
  • Ron Jenkins, Edmonton, Alberta
  • Ross Manson, Toronto, Ontario
  • Alisa Palmer, Toronto, Ontario
  • Soheil Parsa, Toronto, Ontario
  • Jennifer Tarver, Toronto, Ontario
2011 (playwright) Joan MacLeod
  • Robert Chafe, Newfoundland[8]
  • Jasmine Dubé, Quebec
  • Greg MacArthur, Alberta/Quebec
  • Joan MacLeod, British Columbia
  • Mansel Robinson, Saskatchewan
  • Larry Tremblay, Quebec
2012 (designer) Robert Thomson
  • Alan Brodie, Vancouver, British Columbia[9]
  • Richard Feren, Toronto, Ontario
  • Anick La Bissonière, Montreal, Quebec
  • Richard Lacroix, Montreal, Quebec
  • Robert Thomson, Montreal, Quebec
2013 (director) Chris Abraham
  • Chris Abraham[10]
  • Marie-Josée Bastien
  • Benoît Vermeulen
2014 (playwright) Olivier Choinière[11]

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