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Send in the Girls Burlesque is a collective concerned with matching the performance style of burlesque with the narrative of theatre to create burlesque that tells a story and goes a step above the usual bump and grind.


Founded in 2010 by Delia Barnett and Ellen Chorley, Send in the Girls Burlesque started off as the duo performing burlesque at a Nextfest nightclub. Delia taking on her alter ego, LeTabby Lexington, and Ellen transforming into Alabaster Albright. In 2014, after two successful productions with a larger team under their belt, the company became a collective. Comprised of six ensemble members: Ellen Chorley, Delia Barnet, Beth Dart, Al Gadowsky, Andrea Gilborn, and Lana Michelle Hughes . Send in the Girls Burlesque was created to be a theatre company, that explores the relationship between burlesque and everything theatrical. Similar to writing a new play, each number the troupe performs is storyboarded, scripted, work shopped and revised before it is put in front of an audience. Character arc, message and theatricality are all given just as much consideration as what clothing comes off.

Past Productions

  • Tudor Queens: A Burlesque
  • A Bronte Burlesque
  • The Hollywoodland Burlesques
  • Bust Em Up Burlesque

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