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The Book of Judith - May 2014

Selfconscious is a Toronto-based performance company that was established in 2008 as a merger between two separate theatre companies: Die In Debt and Absit Omen Theatre.

Current Season


  • mothermothermother... co-created by Michael Rubenfeld, Sarah Garton Stanley and Natasha Greenblatt
  • We Keep Coming Back co-created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley with Mary Berchard and Katka Reszke (Residence Theatr Kana)
  • The Book of Judith co-created by Michael Rubenfeld and Sarah Garton Stanley with Judith Snow

Reason for Being

Sarah Garton Stanley and Michael Rubenfeld began Selfconscious out of a shared interest in examining the problems of our personal times. The day to day confusions presented to us act as starter fuel to our projects. While interested in authenticity as style, we make no claims to being authentic... but we endeavour to honestly look at the issues that we face. All of our works are deeply personal in nature with the aim of intersecting with larger waves of resonance. This shared concern links us as artists and is probably why we get along so well. Selfconscious Theatre is interested in using the theatre to explore how hard it is to be the people we most want to be. A theatre of transformation and becoming.

Production History

Selfconscious Theatre has been creating work since 2008

  • The Book of Judith (2009 Theatre Centre, Die in Debt, Absit Omen)
  • The Book of Judith (2010 with Essential Collective)
  • The Book of Judith (2011 with Theatre Kingston)
  • The Book of Judith (2011 with Peterborough Co.)
  • The Book of Judith (2011 with Aurora Co.)
  • We Keep Coming Back(2012 phase 1 at Theatre Centre)
  • We Keep Coming Back(2013 phase 2 in Poland)
  • We Keep Coming Back(2014 phase 3 at Artscape Toronto)
  • mothermothermother (2014 1st Thursdays AGO)
  • We Keep Coming Back(2014 phase 4 Theatr Kana, szczecin, Poland)

Associated Artists

Selfconscious Theatre is led by a co-artistic directorship and rounded out with associate artists who help to create and produce the work.