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Logo for Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company

Founding Principles

Gordon Tootoosis Nīkānīwin Theatre formerly known as Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company or SNTC [1] was incorporated as non-profit organization in January of 1999, and became a registered charitable organization in January 2004. SNTC is an established presenter of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal theatre and multi-disciplinary performing artists. Over its 15 year history this has included several community youth presentations through the Circle of Voices program, and numerous community outreach performances. Since 2005 the company has also produced and presented a season of professional productions, providing opportunities for emerging and established Aboriginal artists from Saskatchewan and across Canada. SNTC was the brainchild of artists Kennetch Charlette, Dave Pratt, Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis who began discussing the idea of a starting a theatre company rooted in Aboriginal culture on the set of the movie Big Bear in the late 1990's. Their primary objective was to establish a cultural theatre program that would engage and empower Aboriginal youth through an intensive theatre training program that was built upon a foundation of traditional Aboriginal teachings. The Circle of Voices became the founding program of SNTC and it continues today. Youth participants learn about their Aboriginal identity while they help create their own production for the community.

Current Season

  • Indigenous Performing Arts Alliance Intertribal Gathering Featuring Saskatchewan Artist Showcases and Winter Home by Micheal Greyeyes
  • Nicimos by Curtis Peeteetuce. The tenth and final installment of the Rez Christmas Story Series.
  • The House You Build by Donna Michelle St. Bernard. This is the twelfth Circle of Voices Youth Production!
  • Crees in the Caribbean by Drew Hayden Taylor. World Premiere featuring Kennetch Charlette, Carol Greyeyes and Ingrid Gomez.

Mandate [2]


The mandate of Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company (SNTC) is to produce and present innovative cultural theatre experiences that engage and empower First Nations, Métis and Inuit youth, artists and the greater Saskatchewan community. SNTC programming includes youth, mentorship and professional practice, thereby raising the profile of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people while acknowledging their unique identities.


We are an award winning Theatre Company that focuses on First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture, language, identity and performance traditions. We create an environment that nurtures artists and original art.


SNTC aims to be a sustainable multifaceted and inclusive theatre company.


  • Respect – The promotion of respect for ourselves, others and our creative art form that results in a commitment to welcoming everyone to the circle and valuing every contribution as meaningful.
  • Identity – Fostered in culture, language, and history we encourage an exploration of who we are, what we speak, where we are from, and where we are going as individuals and as a community.
  • Sharing – The inclusion of knowledge, friendship, and resources that brings us closer together as a community of working artists.
  • Excellence – With pride and professional integrity we commit to encouraging constant growth as artists, to challenge the status quo, and to push the creative envelope.

Production History [3]

2012/2013 Theatre Season:

  • The Hours That Remain By Keith Barker and featuring: Tara Beagan, Eli Ham & Keira Loughram. Co-Production with New Harlem Productions
  • How the Chief Stole Christmas By Curtis Peeteetuce and featuring: Lacey Eninew, Arron Naytowhow, Gloria Okeynan & Waylon Machiskinic. Performed in the Cree language with English Surtitles.
  • Agokwe written and performed by Waawaate Fobister. Directed by Edward Roy it was a touring production of the Agokwe Collective.
  • Hunger Strike by Sarah Vermette. This was the tenth Circle of Voices Youth Production.
  • Cafe Daughter by Kenneth T. Williams featuring Rose Kristin Friday. Based on the life experiences of Senator Lillian Dyck. All three (Ken, Rose & Lillian) are from Gordon's First Nation!

2013/2014 Theatre Season:

  • Water Under the Bridge by Michaela Washburn & Carrie Costello - A CAROUSEL PLAYERS touring production.
  • Mēkiwin: The Gift by Curtis Peeteetuce. Partially translated into Cree with English Surtitles.
  • Réunir / kawi wecheto’wak by PJ Prudat. This was the eleventh Circle of Voices Youth Production.
  • Dreary & Izzy by Tara Beagan. This was a four-way co-production between SNTC, Persephone Theatre, Gateway Theatre, Western Canada Theatre.