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Sarasvàti Productions operates a theatre company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the purpose of educating the public at large with respect to significant social issues; providing training to emerging artists; and experimenting with new forms of theatrical representation.

Sarasvàti is the Hindu Goddess of the Creative Arts. Sarasvàti Productions embodies the spirit of the Goddess with a desire to inspire artists and audiences through the use of theatre. Our transformative performances promote and reflect diversity while challenging artists, audiences and society. They envision a world where the arts are used to increase human understanding and encourage positive change.

Their regular events include FemFest, a festival celebrating women playwrights, One Night Stand reading series for the development of new plays, and the International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues. In addition they generally do another full production each season sometimes as part of MTC’s Master Playwrights Festival, the Fringe or as an independent production. The Artistic Director of the company is Hope McIntyre.

Current Season

  • FemFest 2014: She's Got the Power
  • "Giving Voice High School Tour
  • So You Think You Can Act 2015
  • International Women's Week Cabaret of Monologues: Super Women!
  • Miss'N Me by Catherine Banks


Sarasvàti Productions was incorporated in 1998 in Toronto. Sarasvàti Dramatic Theatre Productions and Repertory Inc. is a Manitoba version of that earlier entity. It was founded in Winnipeg in October 2000. Full charitable status was received in May 2003.

In its history, Sarasvàti Productions has workshopped several scripts, done readings of new work in development and coordinated skill-development workshops for artists. They have done benefits for several organizations and worked extensively with community groups. They have managed to be part of the Winnipeg theatre community and the larger community that surrounds us. In terms of their artistic contribution over the years, they have provided invaluable opportunities to emerging artists and created exciting theatrical works to inspire audiences. Work with local community groups and similar outreach initiatives have been extremely successful. Throughout its history the company has continued to develop artistically with new initiatives; they have continually increased their audience base and box office income, as well as establishing themselves as a permanent theatrical presence.

Full List of Productions

  • HUNGER (1998) Toronto – Passe Muraille Theatre Backspace
  • REVISIONING (1999) Toronto – Alumnae Theatre
  • A reading series of three new plays (1999) Toronto – Alumnae Theatre
  • MISSIAH (2000) Toronto – Equity Showcase Theatre
  • HUNGER (2000) Winnipeg – Colin Jackson Studio Theatre
  • DEATH OF LOVE (Workshop, 2001) Winnipeg – Colin Jackson Studio Theatre
  • FIRE VISIONS: POEMS BY BERTOLT BRECHT (2002) Winnipeg and Sackville (NB)
  • ONE FOR THE ROAD (2003) Winnipeg and Sackville (NB)
  • FemFest (2003-2013) Winnipeg various venues
  • International Women’s Week Cabaret of Monologues (2004-2013) – Winnipeg and surrounding areas
  • YOU WHORE (2003) Winnipeg – Fringe Theatre Festival
  • JILL’S WAR by Victoria Loe Hicks and Nancy Kruh(2004) Winnipeg – Fringe Theatre Festival
  • IMPROMPTU OF OUTREMONT by Michel Tremblay (2005) Winnipeg – Forrest Nickerson Theatre
  • Readings of two new plays at the Carol Shields Festival of New Works 2005
  • One Night Stand event at the Carol Shields Festival of New Works 2007
  • RIPPLE EFFECT (2007) workshop presentation (a new play on the topic of youth violence)
  • RIPPLE EFFECT Tour (2008), performances in Manitoba High Schools and community centres
  • EDEN workshop presentation (2009) Winnipeg – Colin Jackson Studio Theatre
  • BONE CAGE by Catherine Banks (2009) reading at the Carol Shields Festival of New Works
  • FEN by Caryl Churchill (2010) Winnipeg – Rachel Browne Theatre
  • NO OFFENSE… (2010) High School Tour – Winnipeg and surrounding areas
  • EDEN (2012) Winnipeg – Asper Centre for Theatre and Film
  • EMPTY by Hope McIntyre (2012) Winnipeg – tour
  • DISS by Rex Deverell (2012) High School Tour – Winnipeg and surrounding areas
  • JAIL BABY by Hope McIntyre and Cairn Moore (2013) Winnipeg – Asper Centre for Theatre and Film
  • FEFU AND HER FRIENDS by Maria Irene Fornes (2014) Winnipeg - Ralph Connor House 54 West Gate, Winnipeg

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