Royal Liechtenstein Theatre Company

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variously known as the RLTC, The Royal Liechtenstein, the Leichtenstein, or Liechtensteiners, or sometimes simply Liechtenstein, the sketch-comedy troupe formally called The Royal Liechtenstein Theatre Company, formed in Winnipeg in 1995 and made their debut in 1996 with Mambo! Mambo! at Venue VIII. There was a fierce debate at the time about how much to charge for tickets, three dollars, or two.

The Company

The Shows

  • Mambo! Mambo!, 1996
  • Dancing on a Dream, 1997
  • Leviathan, 1997
  • Glazed Donut
  • The Life and Times of Edward Fitz
  • Dr. Poo (spelled our own name wrong on the poster)
  • Scouting for Boys
  • The Mystery of the Beaver at Bible Pond
  • Whip the Carpet, Burn the Rug
  • Don't Spoil The Movie
  • Children of The Ape
  • Shack Out On 101 (Produced Only)
  • Bush Party
  • Bushed
  • The Marshmallow Buddha
  • Ape Snaps
  • Hot Cream Pie
  • Christmas In December
  • The Royal Liechtenstein Comedy Theatre (CBC TV Special)
  • Abomination
  • Abomination Redux