Robyn Slade

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RobYn Slade lives for the funny. She is an improviser, actor, and writer. She is the daughter of improviser and actor Robert Slade and a member of the Winnipeg improv group Outside Joke. She has written and starred in many Fringe Festival shows in Winnipeg as well as being one of the stars of Winnipeg's improv scene.

Improv highlights include performing at Rapid Fire Theatre’s Improvaganza, PROJECTproject’s Combustion Festival, and every Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival since its glorious birth.

Scripted highlights include The Brink, How It Works (PTE), Steel Magnolias (RMTC), Co-Dependant Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same (FemFest).

Life highlights so far include voicing a cartoon character, flying in airplanes, and fixing up snack platters.