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Rick Chafe

Rick Chafe is a Manitoban playwright, whose play The Secret Mask was nominated for the 2014 Governor General's Award for Drama.


Rick Chafe started writing for theatre in 1989, right before the Winnipeg Fringe Festival of that year. Chafe's recent plays are The Secret Mask (PTE Winnipeg, GCTC Ottawa, Presentation House Vancouver), and Beowulf (Two Planks and a Passion Nova Scotia) or even Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts (PTE). Other plays include Shakespeare’s Dog, adapted from Leon Rooke’s Governor General’s Award-winning novel, The Odyssey, and Strike! The Musical co-written with Danny Schur, now in pre-production as a feature film. He is currently co-writing a new play with Yvette Nolan entitled Both Alike in Dignity. He's also writing a play for Theatre Projects Manitoba about a couple going for Time Travel Therapy, and Five Moments.


He has taught playwriting at every level of school and post-secondary. In collaboration with Yvette Nolan, he developed the Governor General’s Citation-winning Cross-Cultural Playwriting Program, which paired drama classes from Northern and Southern Manitoba in a year-long exchange project of visiting each other’s communities and collaboratively writing and performing a play based on the experience. The project has been successfully repeated six times. He's also currently working with fifteen under-30’s artists to develop a playwriting/devised theatre hybrid creation laboratory in Theatre for Young Audiences at Manitoba Theatre for Young People. Rick is a Siminovitch Prize nominee and recipient of the Manitoba Arts Council Major Arts Award. Rick is a member of the Prairie Theatre Exchange Playwrights Unit in Winnipeg. He's been selected as the 2016 Carol Shields Writer in residence by the University of Winnipeg[1]

Outside of Theatre

Rick has worked as a journalist, radio talk show host, daycare worker, house painter and educational and documentary videomaker.

Personal life

He lives in Winnipeg with his wife Martine, his daughter Charlotte, and two and a half cats.


  • The Secret Mask
  • Shakespeare's Dog
  • The Odyssey
  • The Last Man and Woman on Earth
  • Kafka's Parables and Paradoxes
  • Player Pool
  • A Consultation
  • All I Ever Wanted Was a Job With a Future
  • Spit and Donuts
  • Tangled Souls
  • The Book of Questions
  • Two Shot
  • Zac and Speth
  • Marriage: A Demolition in Two Acts

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