Resounding Scream Theatre

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Company Logo. Photo by Trevor Henderson.

Resounding Scream Theatre is a company based in both Vancouver, BC and Ottawa, ON. Co-Founders and Co-Artistic Directors Stephanie Henderson and Catherine Ballachey birthed the company in December of 2008. Both graduates of the Simon Fraser University Contemporary Arts Program, Stephanie and Catherine followed a little inspiration that sparked the creation of their first show spring-boarding them into the growing world of theatre in Vancouver as emerging artists. Today, with over five years of projects under their belts, Stephanie and Catherine continue to create and collaborate producing theatre that pushes boundaries and asks questions challenging the norm.

Company Mandate

Resounding Scream Theatre is committed to creating new works of art relevant to today’s social climate. Our main interests consist of issues that force people to reconsider how our society has been shaped. We are open to any and all works that reflect our desire to challenge an audience and inspire conversation. We also hope to provide emerging artists from all disciplines a platform on which to showcase their developing work.

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