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Punctuate! Theatre's Logo

Punctuate! Theatre is a not-for-profit independent theatre company and registered charity in Edmonton, AB.

Punctuate! Theatre was formed in the summer of 2010 by Sheiny Satanove, Liz Hobbs, Adam Cope, Elliott James, and Andréa Jorawsky. They were the resident theatre company of the TACOS Space from 2012-2014.[1]


  • Create accessible, relevant, and subversive theatre that entertains and provokes thought amongst diverse audiences.
  • Provide professional opportunities for local artists.
  • Inspire and develop future and emerging artists.
  • Develop a wide range of audiences.
  • Raise funds to increase our capacity to serve our community through artistic excellence. [1]


  1. To create work that is visually stimulating, intellectually provocative, and emotionally compelling.[1]
  2. To present a high quotient of Canadian work.
  3. To provide a creative context for emerging artists to work alongside established artists.
  4. To create work that encompasses diverse art forms, forging connections between Canadian artists of different disciplines to progress unity of all art forms.

Production History


  • The End of Civilization by George F. Walker[2]


  • Judith by Howard Barker
  • Vice Versa by Adam Cope & Elliott James


  • An Evening with Satan by Elliott James


  • Vice Re-Versa by Adam Cope, Elliott James, & Andréa Jorawsky


  • Dirt by Ron Chambers
  • The Silence Project by Julie Ferguson, Liz Hobbs, Elliott James, Andréa Jorawsky, & Sheiny Satanove



The Punctuate! Performance Series

Punctuate! Theatre was the resident theatre company in the TACOS Space from 2012-2014. During that time, the company ran the Punctuate! Performance Series out of the space in an effort to support fellow emerging theatre companies. Punctuate! worked with six local companies over two years to help them produce a new or scripted work in the space.[3]

2012/2013 Performance Series

  • The Juvyline Cubangbang Show by Jake Prins presented by The Blue Sky Theatre Emporium
  • A Clown Show Double Bill featuring Sofa So Good by Small Matters Productions & The Lost n' Lost Department by The PIE Factory Collective
  • s/kin by The Mindhive Collective
  • This Displace by Ainsley Hillyard & Shatter State by Alison Kause presented by the Good Women Dance Collective

2013/2014 Performance Series

  • Solo Studies: Translations by Entrelacement Dance
  • East of Berlin by Hannah Moscovitch Co-produced by Punctuate! Theatre & The East/West Collective


  • East of Berlin by Hannah Moscovitch Co-produced by Punctuate! Theatre & The East/West Collective[4]
    • Sterling Award Recipient - Outstanding Independent Production
    • Sterling Award Recipient - Outstanding Director - Simon Bloom
    • Sterling Award Nominee - Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role - Jamie Cavanagh
    • Sterling Award Nominee - Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role - Andréa Jorawsky
    • Sterling Award Nominee - Outstanding Set Design - Nick Blais
  • The Suburban Motel Series by George F. Walker[5]
    • Sterling Award Nominee - Outstanding Independent Production
    • Sterling Award Nominee - Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role - Elliott James
    • Sterling Award Nominee - Outstanding Choreography or Fight Direction - Patrick Howarth

Core Company Members

  • Sheiny Satanove - Artistic Producer (2010-Present)[1]
  • Julie Ferguson - Operations Manager (2012-Present)
  • Elliott James - Artistic Associate (2010-Present)
  • Andréa Jorawsky - Artistic Associate (2010-Present)
  • Elizabeth Hobbs - Artistic Director (2010-2015)
  • Adam Cope - Artistic Associate (2010-2013)

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