PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

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PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is one of Vancouver’s signature events. Produced over three weeks each January, the PuSh Festival presents groundbreaking work in the live performing arts.

The PuSh Festival expands the horizons of Vancouver artists and audiences with work that is visionary, genre-bending, multi-disciplined, startling and original. The Festival showcases acclaimed international, Canadian and local artists and mixes them together with an alchemy that inspires audiences, rejuvenates artists, stimulates the industry and forges productive relationships around the globe.

The Festival is a broker of international partnerships, a meeting place for creative minds, a showcase of Canada’s best and an incubator of brilliant new work.


PuSh aims to be a festival of national importance—artistically respected, greatly anticipated and highly valued as a catalyst for cultural and community development.


The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival engages and enriches audiences with adventurous contemporary works in a spirit of innovation and dialogue.

What We Do

  • Present the very best in contemporary performance
  • Develop new, groundbreaking and extraordinary works through innovative partnerships and collaborations
  • Tap into new and existing audiences for the performing arts
  • Stimulate audience and performing arts industry engagement through interactive forums, outreach and ancillary activities that generate dialogue and exchange
  • Showcase the innovations of leading Canadian artists and their work
  • Encourage cultural export by linking Vancouver with a national and international network of presenters

What We Value

  • Transformative experiences
  • Risk-taking
  • Respectful collaboration and dialogue
  • Relevant and engaged practices
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration
  • Innovation
  • Diversity in arts and peoples

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