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Boca del Lupo is one of Vancouver’s most innovative and dynamic theatre companies, specializing in experimental theatrical productions and spectacular outdoor presentations while focusing on collaborations with international, national and regional artists.

MICRO: powerful performances on an intimate scale
MACRO: spectacular, site-specific productions
MEDIA: inventive and interactive media projects


A world where art is an integral part of everyone’s everyday life.


To create and present extraordinary experiences in unconventional spaces for intergenerational audiences.

Company Biography

Originating as a collective in 1996, Boca del Lupo has been led by Artistic Director Sherry J. Yoon and Artistic Producer Jay Dodge for the last twelve years. As members of the founding group, Yoon has co-created and directed most of the company’s original productions and Dodge’s writing and designs have been central in all of Boca del Lupo’s work. During the tenure of the pair, the company has received numerous awards including Jessies for Outstanding Design, Outstanding Production, Significant Artistic Achievement and Outstanding Performance; the Critic’s Choice Award for Innovation; and the Alcan Performing Arts Award.

With a foundation in contemporary performance, in 2004 Boca del Lupo began working in new media both as part of their performances and in stand-alone installation and interactive media projects, some of which have garnered national and international attention. These projects include The Suicide which toured across Canada and Mexico, The Perfectionist which featured ground breaking animation interactivity and live feed integration and Sleeping Soldiers, an interactive video installation currently on tour in US galleries. Due to the growing quantity of Boca del Lupo’s new media work they brought on a full time director of technology to join the core team. Carey Dodge came to Boca del Lupo from the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast in 2009 and is a multidisciplinary artist and technologist whose work focuses on sonic arts, interactivity, installations and sound design often incorporating custom electronics and live video processing. He currently sits on the national board of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community and his work over the past 15 years has taken him across Canada, USA, Australia, France and the UK.


Each year, Boca del Lupo presents the Micro Performance Series (MPS). MPS is centred on and around Granville Island at our secondary venue, The Anderson Street Space. These productions are created and performed by local, national and international artists working across disciplines in intimate and small scale forms. Each project asks the audience, which is rarely more than 20 at a time, to immerse themselves in a world of the artists creation.

Micro performance is an emerging global trend proliferating in many forms, from theatre and dance to new media, live art and interactive technology. While encompassing many different types of artists, what brings them together, in this case under the umbrella of Boca del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series, is how each project prizes depth of experience above all.


Our large-scale Macro work began in 2002 with The Last Stand, our first production in Stanley Park. Following in a long standing tradition of using theatrical spectacle to tackle contemporary issues and political themes, these productions are free, all-ages and often site-specific.

Our first four Macro productions took us high into the canopy of Stanley Park with performers rigged in the towering spender of the rain forest. Subsequent productions drew audiences out under the Vancouver’s monolithic bridges and into the rain slicked streets of Gastown.


Due to the high volume of work being undertaken in the area, Boca del Lupo recently labeled its new media activities under the moniker of Media Lab. MediaLab is the social enterprise arm that leverages our company’s unique and significant expertise in multi-media solutions along with an impressive inventory of hardware.

MediaLab clients include: The National Film Board, The Vancouver Parks Board, Arts Umbrella, Electric Company Theatre, Real Wheels, Playwrights Theatre Centre, Magnum Photography, Neworld Theatre, Creative Mix and Vancouver Art Gallery.

Production History

2014: The Fugue Fugue, Azano,Taste of Empire, Through the Gaze of the Navel, All Good Things 2013: Icebook, Performance Art Trap, Ask a Teenager, Fall Away Home 2012: Guided Tour, Mixed Company, Nekaa Room, The Voyage, Little Iliad, Holly’s Dumpster, Obstructions 2011: Photog, La Marea, Tracing Traces, Whale 2010: Dance Marathon, Value Village, Capsule, The Interview (HIVE3) 2009: Sleeping Soldiers 2008: My Dad, My Dog, One Down (HIVE2) 2007: Suspended, Quasimodo or The Bell Ringer of Our Lady of Paree 2006: Holly’s Dumpster (HIVE), The Shoes That Were Danced To Pieces, House of Sleeping Beauties, The Perfectionist 2005: Vasily the Luckless 2004: The Suicide 2003: Lagoon of Lost Tales, The Beginners 2002: The Last Stand, Hold Your Head Tight 2001: Inside, Last Office 2000: Charge of the Moon, Pearly Mama 1999: Circadia 1998: Terminal, Real Flowers 1997: Drained

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