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Monica Walsh is an active member of the St. John’s arts scene.


Walsh is a graduate of Memorial University. She holds a BA in English Drama, as well as a diploma in Performance and Communications Media. She also holds a BA in Russian Language and Literature. Walsh spent the fall of 2012 in London, England attending Method Acting London, a Lee Strasberg acting Studio. She spent June and July 2014 in New York City attending Movement Theatre Studio NYC Summer Intensive Program.

Walsh has taught acting all over the city and province, starting with a job teaching acting at Stella Burrey’s New Beginnings Program, Choices for Youth, and MAX Arts Summer Studio for children. In 2012, she travelled to Merida, Mexico where she worked at a school for differently abled children and taught techniques to them and produced a play there with the children performing. In 2013, Walsh was brought to the Labrador Creative Arts Festival, where she taught physical theatre and movement exercises in various schools in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Sheshashiu. Walsh travelled to Natuahsish, Labrador with Wonderbolt Circus, teaching workshops for the Kamataukatshiut Festival.

In April 2014, Walsh performed at the Arts Council Awards in Clarenville with Bryan Hennessey.

In addition to acting and producing, Walsh has worked as a stage manager, production manager, wardrobe assistant, writer, and basically any job the theatre requires.

Kanutu Theatre

Walsh is the founder and artistic director of Kanutu Theatre. Kanutu Theatre has produced four consecutive years of a festival devoted to Anton Chekhov. The festival is called “An Evening Inspired by Chekhov” and happens in Jan/Feb of each year at the Barbara Barrett Theatre in St. John's. In 2012, Walsh created, performed, and co-produced a movement piece in Mexico with a visual artist there. In 2013, Walsh travelled to Toronto to star in the play The Collectors which played at the Toronto Fringe Festival. This play had been work shopped in St. John's at the Women’s Work Theatre festival, in 2010, when Walsh was the festival co-ordinator.


Walsh appears as an actor in 2014 in the films BOARDING and FLANKERS, both of which will be screening at the 2014 Atlantic Film Festival.