Make Something Edmonton

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"What are you making and how can we help?"

Make Something Edmonton is an initiative focused on community building and civic engagement. The central idea behind the initiative is that "Edmonton is an unusually good city to create something from nothing, to launch a new idea, to build, to get ‘er done, to make something."

Whether it is project support, or small seed grants, the initiative is focused on supporting Edmontonians in creating projects in their community. Projects can be related to the arts, hobbies, sports, community development - anything that has a positive impact on the city.

"Edmonton’s image and reputation strategy is not a slogan. It isn’t empty boasting and it isn’t a cliché borrowed from another place. Our research on the story led us to do what no other city had done. Taking a risk is the most Edmonton thing you can do. So we asked you to go do it, to do that thing you’ve most wanted to do: build, create, make something. We knew that encouraging you to action would reveal this city at its best far better than a traditional branding approach."


Make Something Edmonton is a community building initiative that resulted from the creation of a task force on Image and Reputation in July 2012 in Edmonton, Alberta. The task force was co-chaired by entrepreneur Chris LaBossiere and Rapid Fire Theatre artistic director Amy Shostak. The creative concept behind the initiative was articulated by local writer and entrepreneur Todd Babiak.

In 2014, Make Something Edmonton became an initiative of Edmonton Economic Development (EEDC), which formalized it as an organization. EEDC respects the grassroots, citizen driven spirit of Make Something Edmonton, hence our volunteer board. EEDC is a City of Edmonton agency, and it, and the Make Something Edmonton initiative, is funded by the City of Edmonton. The development, delivery and outcomes of Make Something Edmonton are the responsibility of the co-chairs and other volunteers, and the executive director.


Make Something Edmonton has a staff and a volunteer board devoted to encouraging Edmontonians to build the city they want, project by project. The volunteer activation board is made up of two co-chairs and 12 other members. Their backgrounds and experience are varied, but they all share a passion for this city and the potential of Make Something Edmonton to inspire.