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Lee White is an improviser, actor, comedian and writer. He is best known as on half of the international improv duo CRUMBS. He was trained as a youth at Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP). He has toured the world with CRUMBS performing improvisation and leading master classes.


Lee White has been performing in several collaborations in the past year.

  • Into The Woods with Theatre Im Bahnhoff (Graz, Austria)
  • CRUMBS Garage with Rene Dellefont from Dad's Garage (Atlanta, USA)
  • No Exit with Matthieu Loos from Et Compagnie (Lyon, France) and Marko Mayerl from Inedit Theatre (France)


Lee White continues to tour extensively. You can follow his European tours on the CRUMBS in Europe website: CRUMBS in Europe

Film and TV

Lee White can be seen in upcoming TV projects The Pinkertons and Sunnyside.